Responsible Lending

At Payday Installment Cash Loans we take responsible lending very seriously. We may not involve in process of lending money directly but we will provide our expertise assistance to our customers from application to approval process. We consider it as our 100% responsibility to help our customers to achieve their goal of hassle free borrowing experience. We are strongly connected with all genuine and reputed lenders of US. At the time of registration with us we will collect your personal details that to be matched with wide range of leading lenders, so that we can find out suitable loan deal for you that meet you exact needs.

Before accessing our services you need to meet few basic preconditions like being at least 18 years old or more, holding valid active bank account, having permanent citizenship of US and also having regular source of income. While applying for a loan through us, you must provide you complete and accurate details, so that we can use your information to search for a right lender for you. A simple registration is what you need to fill out to get started with us. Your personal details are always safe and confidential with us. Lenders who are connected with us will process your form and they will provide you quick response regarding loan approval in no time.

Being a responsible loan comparison website, we will inform you about interest rate, loan amount, repayment term and other terms of the loan. Also, all risks and benefits about short term loans can easy to find on our site in just few clicks of mouse. But all rates and fees, loan amount, repayment tenure will be decided by lenders only and may vary from lender to lender, as per your needs and budget. If you have any questions about a loan, you must talk to your lender directly.

At Payday Installment Cash Loans after completing and submitting your registration application you can use various comparison tools and calculators to estimate the total cost of the selected loan. Before approving your loan lenders will verify your entire details and will also check your credit worthiness, so ensure whether you are worth to take up a loan and capable enough to pay them back on time or not. All short term loans are expensive as they are provided for short duration only. So, it is important to handle them responsibly. Failure of repayment may turn short term loan even expensive with additional interest rate or late fee charges. Interest rates are even more likely higher, in case you have poor or low credit history.

For further assistance or need any help, feel free to contact us any time!

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